Transpyr Coast to Coast is a unique mission in the world. Leaving the Mediterranean Sea it dives into unknown valleys and rises wild ridges, covering a staggering 800 kilometers and 20,000 meters of climbing. Through all kinds of extraordinary landscapes an invisible itinerary is followed by the GPS taking us, at the end of the daily adventure, in a space of comfort and rest, to start again the next day with new adventures, new discoveries and an extraordinary environment of international experienced cyclists.

The route is a balance between playful paths, technical stretches and fast tracks that leads to the objective, the mission fulfillment in the Atlantic Ocean. A cycling crusade for extraordinary heroes who like demanding challenges. Considered by National Geographic as one of the 10 best mtb events in the world.

Attention: the infomation below is related to the 2017 Transpyr edition. The route for 2018 is still on creation. The definitive altimetries and kms will be informed as soon as the definitive route will be ready.

The organization is not responsible for activities following the very same route of TRANSPYR performed by individuals or enterprises outside of TRANSPYR.

Stage Distance (km) Elevation approx (m) Descent approx (m)
1 116 2200 1200
2 119 2700 3000
3 115 3200 3050
4 98 2900 3200
5 97 2200 1950
6 132 2600 2500
7 97 2300 3200
total: 774 18100 18100
– Stage 01: 11  June, ROSES > CAMPRODON (116km, 2.200m pos. – 1.200m neg.)


– Stage 02: 12 June, CAMPRODON > LA SEU D´URGELL (119km. 2.700m pos. – 3.000m neg.)etapa2

– Stage 03: 13 June, LA SEU D´URGELL > EL PONT DE SUERT (115km, 3.200m pos. – 3.050m neg.)


– Stage 04: 14  June, EL PONT DE SUERT > AINSA (98km, 2.900m pos. – 3.200m neg.)


– Stage 05: 15 June, AINSA > JACA (97km, 2.200m pos. – 1.950m neg.)


– Stage 06: 16 June, JACA > BURGUETE / RONCESVALLES (132km, 2.600m pos. – 2.500m neg.)


– Stage 07: 17 June, AURITZ-BURGUETE > HONDARRIBIA (97km, 2.300m pos. – 3200m neg.)



The special stages -or timed sectors- for 2017 has been as shown below. Mind that the organization may have to introduce changes after the publication of this information.

Stage 1

Date: 11/06/17

Sector 1: Serra de Malforat

Distance approx. 21km

Elevation approx. 600m

Descent approx. 150m

Stage 2

Date: 12/06/17

Sector 2.1: Collada Verda

Distance approx. 19km

Elevation approx. 700m

Descent approx. 400m

Stage 2

Date: 12/06/17

Sector 2.2: Montgrony

Distancie approx. 19km

Elevation approx. 700m

Descent approx. 250m

Stage 3

Date: 13/06/17

Sector 3.1: Buseu

Distance approx. 28km

Elevation approx. 750m

Descent approx. 1300m

Stage 3

Date: 13/06/17

Sector 3.2: Montcortès

Distance approx. 17km

Elevation approx. 600m

Descent approx. 450m

Stage 4

Date: 14/06/17

Sector 4: Turbón

Distance approx. 40km

Elevation approx. 1500m

Descent approx. 500m

Stage 5

Date: 15/06/17

Sector 5.1: Jánovas

Distance approx. 13km

Elevation approx. 200m

Descent approx. 150m

Stage 5

Date: 15/06/17

Sector 5.2: Oturia

Distance approx. 30km

Elevation approx. 950m

Descent approx. 750m

Stage 6

Date: 16/06/17

Sector 6.1: Campo de Jaca

Distance approx. 20km

Elevation approx. 200m

Descent approx. 250m

Stage 6

Date: 16/06/17

Sector 6.2: Valle de Salazar

Distance approx. 30km

Elevation approx. 1000m

Descent approx. 700m

Stage 7

Date: 17/06/17

Sector 7: Baztan

Distance approx. 23km

Elevation approx. 900m

Descent approx. 650m

Totales tramos

Distancia aprox. 260km

Desnivel positivo aprox. 8100m

Desnivel negativo aprox. 5500m