Transpyr Pack Hotel

The best option for a good rest after a hard stage is the Hotel Pack. This service consists in the reservation of some seats in hotels of similar standard located in the stage towns of TRANSPYR 2020.

The accommodations have been selected to meet different quality standards and always taking into account their location, prioritizing that they are closest to the finish and start line and that they offer breakfast early in the morning.

The pack includes:

7 overnight stays with breakfast before departure.

From Roses (Saturday of the accreditation) to Auritz / Burguete (end of stage 6), where the organization will set up a shuttle service and distribute the baggages in Roncesvalles, Burguete and Espinal.

Overnight at the day of the seventh stage: Hondarribia, is not included.

The organization is not responsible for the service offered by the accommodation (rooms, food, space for bicycles, etc.) is up to the expectations of the different participants.

Transpyr Camp

The organization offers to participants the TRANSPYR CAMP or sport hall accommodation with breakfast included. This option is only available for participants and offers them the opportunity to benefit from an affordable accommodation option with breakfast included. Accommodation will be within sports halls and similar venues. Participants will sleep on the floor using their own mat and in their own sleeping bag. The accommodation will be open without separate areas. There will be access to toilets, bathrooms and showers, but we cannot guarantee the availability of hot water at all times. Electricity and plugs will be available for mobile phones and GPS batteries. Breakfast will be provided by the organization early in the morning: this breakfast is reserved exclusively to those who have contracted the TRANSPYR camp.

The organization may limit the availability of places in the TRANSPYR CAMP in some stage towns who have capacity constraints.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Transpyr Camp includes the first night in Roses but not the last night of the event in Hondarribia.

In case of changing accommodation option during the event, you will not be refunded the amount paid for this kind of accommodation.


The municipality of each stage town will decide the policy for this type of accommodation. They may ask motorhome and camper users to overnight at the close campings, or alternatively provide a useful space for them maybe establishing a small fee for its use. For more information please see Transpyr Locations in the “PARTICIPANT AREA” or consult directly the organization.or the Tourist officce of each stage town: here

If you want your supporters  to share the whole Transpyr spirit remember that we have the SUPPORTER PACK for them. + info and booking.

Other accommodation options:

For those who opt for searching alternative accommodation we suggest consulting the accommodation information of each Tourism Office. The links to this Offices are available under the menu Terrytory Partners (The Mission).

When booking accommodation it is always important to make sure that you:

•    Find out about the possibility of securing your bike (although alternative overnight parking is provided by the organization

•    Find out whether the time and nature of the dinner suits you (in case you do not attend or do not have enough with the pasta party provided by the organization)

•    VERY IMPORTANT: make sure to have a breakfast according to the effort required and the schedule that suits the time of stage start every day.

•    VERY IMPORTANT: with the exception of Roncesvalles –see hotel explanations above- we remind you that we will only transport the official Transpyr bag with the personal belongings to accommodations that are WITHIN THE URBAN stage town. If the accommodation is situated outside the village the participant must find the means to carry and bring it to and back from this place.