Five stages completed and just two to get the challenge of the Pyrenees, the Transpyr’s mission. The riders have arrived today in Jaca, in the heart of the Aragon Pyrenee, in the first stage with rain and cold weather of this edition. The group spent the entire day today in Aragon, starting in Aínsa and finishing in Jaca, with 89 km and elevation gain of 2,300 metres, with many single tracks, steep terrain and the though climb to Monte Oturia, where it was only 4ºC.

Tomorrow, the race bids Aragon farewell and crosses into Navarre, with a 136-km stage between Jaca and Burguete-Roncesvalles and an elevation gain of 2,650 metres. Here, the Aragon Pyrenees transition into the Navarre Pyrenees, and the landscape adopts a more Atlantic-like climate and vegetation. Thum and Laffont still lead with total authority the time table.