When only six weeks are missing for the start of this unbeatable mountain bike adventure, with terrain recces almost finished and having pushed and focussed all year long to try to improve, today we are happy to announce that TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB will be stronger than ever.

Displaying its pioneer and successful raid format combining liaisons with special stages, TRANSPYR 2017 will be a unique stage race open to the participation of individuals riders, teams, E-bikes and relays, where competition –with it categories, podiums and standings- is for safety reasons reserved to two riders teams.

In this edition we deepen into the strengths of this, our format, settling most of the food stations on liaisons, trying that every special stage is a sample of the type of terrain of the stage, and doing some adjustments on final liaisons so that, globally, achieving being FINISHER at TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB becomes reality for an immense majority of those heroes who on June 11 will have started in Roses at the Costa Brava.


TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB offers something so unique as it is the unbeatable cheer of doing something full sense, the illusion of a journey where you progress under every wheel tour of your bicycle and stage by stage in pursuit of a specific mission, linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean, something which it is only experienced in great crossings.

Soon, in few days, when back from the last reconnaisances on terrain, our team together with the Transpyr director will unveil the precise data and the hidden secrets of the route of what will be the eight edition of this extraordinary challenge.


The eighth edition of TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB starts with the launching of registration on Friday October 7, in a section that offers a discount of 100 euros per participant in entries registered until 30 November.

Transpyr 2017 will take place from 11 to 17 June with 400 cyclists wanting to live a unique adventure in the world and achieve the extraordinary experience of reaching the sea after seven days of authentic Mountain Bike. Last spring the National Geographic Adventure magazine has set again TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB among the ten best adventures in the world, and the internationalization strategy has allowed that foreigners represents more than half of the cyclists.
The participation is opened for teams of two or three people and, due to the great success of last year, individual participation modality is maintained.

This eighth edition keeps the same attractive and exigency level route, which stands out for its combination of technical and sportive components, and will offer some unprecedented stretch.

Transpyr maintains the 7 stages format, with a daily average of about 110 km and 2,600 meters of altitude.


October, 7th 2016


Transpyr crossed into Navarre in what was the race’s penultimate stage before reaching the finish tomorrow in Hondarribia and completing the mission of joining the Mediterranean and Bay of Biscay. Stretching 135 kilometres between Jaca and Burguete-Roncesvalles, today’s stretch was the longest of this Transpyr, making this challenge all the more epic for a group of riders who tomorrow will be handed their degree in mountain biking. They will have completed 775 kilometres in one of the five most gruelling stage races in the world, this year marked by the strengthens of the participants, which have suffered less abandons than other editions.

To round things off, Transpyr crosses over into the Basque Country tomorrow in a 96-kilometre stage which finishes at the beach in Hondarribia, where the cyclists, who hail from 26 different countries around the world, will be greeted with a ceremony.

As for GAES Transpyr Backroads, today also marked the race’s longest stage (168 kilometres), with punishing climbs including the ascent to Port de Larrau. The pack completed what many consider the race’s most beautiful stage, with unparalleled landscapes such as the Arguibela mountain pass. Tomorrow, the roughly hundred GAES Transpyr Backroads participants will also complete the thrilling and arduous challenge of crossing the southern slopes of the Pyrenees on inhospitable roads in seven stages.



Five stages completed and just two to get the challenge of the Pyrenees, the Transpyr’s mission. The riders have arrived today in Jaca, in the heart of the Aragon Pyrenee, in the first stage with rain and cold weather of this edition. The group spent the entire day today in Aragon, starting in Aínsa and finishing in Jaca, with 89 km and elevation gain of 2,300 metres, with many single tracks, steep terrain and the though climb to Monte Oturia, where it was only 4ºC.

Tomorrow, the race bids Aragon farewell and crosses into Navarre, with a 136-km stage between Jaca and Burguete-Roncesvalles and an elevation gain of 2,650 metres. Here, the Aragon Pyrenees transition into the Navarre Pyrenees, and the landscape adopts a more Atlantic-like climate and vegetation. Thum and Laffont still lead with total authority the time table.


Following completion of the fourth stage, Transpyr has passed the midway point, leaving Catalonia behind and delving into the Aragon Pyrenees. The finishing line in the historic town of Aínsa (Huesca) received the survivors of the event, that will ends on Saturday in Hondarribia.

Today we have had a 100-km stage, with a seemingly interminable 15-km final descent from Peña Montañesa. This final section challenged the dexterity and endurance of the cyclists with a rather unusual downhill stretch which combines highly technical, challenging stretches with others in which the riders could let fly and enjoy the ride.

Tomorrow’s stage, which ends in Jaca, includes 89 kilometres of breathtaking trails in Aragon’s Sobrarbe and Jacetània regions and a net elevation change of 2,200 metres.


Transpyr completed the third stage between La Seu d’Urgell and El Pont de Suert, and now the event is situated in the entrance of the Aragonese Pyrenees, on the way to Aínsa. It seems that the new dates (Transpyr has advanced nearly a month in relation to other years) is favoring the cyclists because the temperatures are more bearable than the last years.

However, despite for the first time in the history of Transpyr the first stage was completed without dropouts, the accumulation of fatigue is starting to take its toll among the group that today has had a long stage and so physical, with very technical descents. The fastest team has been the brothers Raul and  Lluis Oliver.

Tomorrow awaits a journey of almost 98 km and 3000 meters of ascent, a stage that will check the ability and mental power of the cyclists.

Meanwhile, the GAES Transpyr Backroads bike riders today have released the stage with the tough ascent in the Port del Cantó, where Ibon Zugasti (from Imparables team) was again the fastest. The large group has completed the long stage today of 137 km and 3,150 vertical meters.


Today we enjoyed the second stage of Transpyr, with a route that joined Camprodon and La Seu d’Urgell, with 117 km and 2,700 ascending meters. The test has entered 100% in the Pyrenees, with the long ascent to the Collada de Toses, and the pass through the ski resort of La Molina, with the stage finishing in La Seu d’Urgell.

Today occurred the first Transpyr abandons, some of them for mechanical problems, and other prompted by falls and for the stage hardness.´

Steffen Thum and Rémi Laffont were the fastest again, as they did it yesterday in the first stage.

Tomorrow’s stage, the race’s longest, is hailed as Transpyr’s queen stage and includes a 114-kilometre-long route from La Seu d’Urgell to El Pont de Suert and a net elevation change of 3.200 metres, making it the toughest of the race’s seven stages.

The GAES Transpyr Backroads today has experienced one of the most demanding stages with the awesome ascent in the Coll de Pradell, considered one of the toughest of Catalonia ramps up to 20% elevation gain. At the special challenge of the day, Ibon Zugasti ( Imparables team) was again the faster.

Tomorrow’s stage presents a profile of 137 km and 3150 meters of elevation gain, also with a high level of demand on the long ascent to the port of Cantó.


The 400 participants Transpyr Coast to Coast are already in Camprodon, after a tough first stage with mud, 116 km and a vertical drop of 2,100 meters. The last rains, a few days ago, had soaked the ground in the last 30 kilometers, from Tortellà until the finish line in Camprodon, and pedaling has become much more demanding. The participants have been arriving from 2 pm and throughout the afternoon, in a stage with a lot of public. The first to reach Camprodon have been the tandem formed by the german Steffen Thum and the french Rémi Laffont, from the Rose Vaujany team.
Tomorrow’s stage will join Camprodon with La Seu d’Urgell, 117 km with 2,700 meters of positive ascent.

As for the GAES Transpyr Backroads, the group has completed an initial stage of 155 km, with about 90km soft enough that entered them in the Pyrenees, whit hard ramps as the Coll de la Boixeda, where it was taken the time in the 12 km section of the challenge of the day. Ibon Zugasti (Imparables Team) has been the faster. Tomorrow await a 150 km stage with 3,200 meters of altitude up to La Seu d’Urgell.