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The Directors of Transpyr deeply regret to report the death of a participant of Transpyr for reasons yet unknown. At 5:02 pm, the race directors received an emergency call reporting a possible accident three kilometres from the finish line in Camprodon. Transpyr’s medical services, based in Camprodon, reported immediately in an ambulance to the scene of the accident, where healthcare workers found a 36-year-old French participant unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital in Campdevànol, where attempts to resuscitate him were unfortunately unsuccessful.

At Transpyr, we would like to offer our most heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the cyclist’s family and all participants of this year’s race. This is the first accident resulting in death in the six years we have been organising this cycling competition.


Everything is set for the start of Transpyr’s sixth edition, for which the starting gun will be fired tomorrow at 8 am for all 350 cyclists taking part this year. The 280 riders looking to cross the Pyrenees on mountain bike will set off from Roses and make their way to Camprodon, a 120km route with an elevation gain of 2,095 metres. The day also marks the start of Transpyr Road, which for the third consecutive year will lead riders down seldom-travelled mountain paths and roads. This evening, as a preliminary stage, the edition’s 80 participants cycled the 16 kilometres between Roses and Cadaqués, the town from which they will leave tomorrow in the direction of Camprodon. Awaiting them are 149 kilometres, an elevation gain of 2,700 metres.


Throughout the day, the cyclists gradually made their way to Roses, in which the Transpyr Village was set up on Passeig de la Ciutadella, with stalls and event sponsors. The welcome act took place at 8 pm at the Citadel and was hosted by the Mayor of Roses, Montserrat Mindán, the Regional Director of the Department of Enterprise and Employment, Ferran Roqué, the Regional Sports Representative for the Government of Catalonia, Josep Pujols and Transpyr Director Francesc Sallent. All of them addressed the participants, who hail from 25 different countries, wishing them all the best on their adventure and encouraging them to reach Hondarribia on July 4 having met their goals.


The riders then headed down to the Roses beach, where they filled small bottles provided especially for the occasion with water from the Mediterranean. These will be used to transport the water as the participants cross the Pyrenees, eventually mixing it with water from the Bay of Biscay. The participants then had dinner and attended a quick briefing regarding the technical details and route for tomorrow’s stage.


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More than half of those enrolled in the Transpyr and Transpy Road come from 25 countries; the conseller of Enterprise and Employment, Felip Puig, presented the event in Barcelona. Of the nearly 400 participants who will be in this sixth edition of the Transpyr 53% are foreign cyclists, coming from 25 different countries around the world. This strengthens the internationalization of one of the toughest tests for global calendar stages. As happened last year have had to close registration when the maximum number of entries, and finally be 280 participants Transpyr mountain and eighties in the Transpyr Road, the road cycling version of this Great Challenge the Pyrenees.

More female participation
It also highlights much increased female participation. If in the last edition there were seven girls who participated in the Transpyr (all of them completed) this year are 23, 80% of which are also foreign. Another sign of the growing interest of the test is the media coverage it has. A dozen specialized media in mountain biking and road cycling at international level have proven to come to cover the Transpyr and to explain to their readers and viewers in detail. So has the coverage that is made of stages, which generate a large volume of interactions in social networks.

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This extensive report show the intricacies of the 2014 edition Transpyr, proof of mountain biking that crosses the southern slopes of the Pyrenees. In it you will find moments of all kinds: uphill slopes, muddy trails, extreme concisiones, dry landscapes, bottomless ravines, impossible bridges … And above all, great enthusiasm and excitement. Pure mountain bike!

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Emotions ran high as Transpyr came to an end at Hondarribia Beach in Gipuzkoa, after seven gruelling stages which pushed the 350 cyclists who started the adventure in Roses a week ago to the limit. Owing to the torrential rain the riders were forced to contend with and which ruined a sizeable portion of the tract, the fifth edition of Transpyr has been the toughest and most demanding to date. After 775 kilometres and an elevation gain approaching 20,000 metres, 283 cyclists managed to complete the race within the maximum time allotted by the organisers, all of whom may be regarded as finishers. According to Race Director Francesc Sallent, Transpyr has become a highly select event and one of the international circuit’s most challenging races due to the technical difficulty, weather and demanding nature of the route. He also expressed satisfaction that, despite the extraordinary challenge the race poses, the finishers proved that completing Transpyr is indeed possible for any mountain bike enthusiast who trains properly and approaches the challenge with conviction.

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Today’s final 93-kilometre stage ran between Roncesvalles and Hondarribia. Though the last, the stage was decidedly no formality. Belgium’s Team O2 Bikers, which includes Alexis Mathis, the world endurance mountain bike champion, won their first stage ahead of leaders Israel Núñez and Roberto Bou, who maintained control throughout this edition of Transpyr. They were followed by David Mateu and Pau Botella (Probike) and the Belgian brothers, Lieven and Jeroen Schroyen.

In the Master’s category, Austria’s Axel Strauss and Peter Bergh finished ahead of the team formed by the Danish team Soren Lind and Henrik Soeberg and Navarre’s Joseba Ciaurriz and Wales’ Scott Cornish. In the mixed category, the fastest pair was Christoph Puerstl and Hana Bergh (Austria), followed by Americans Mary and Marc Dannelley. The prominence of foreign teams comes as no surprise since 45% of the participants in this edition of Transpyr come from outside Spain, from 24 countries around the world. Mention must also be made of the fantastic performance put in by Italy’s all-woman team of Ilaria Balzaroti and Giuliana Massarotto, who finished in the top 20 in several stages.

Transpyr 2014 Logistics
– An organising team of 100 people
– 20 Mercedes-Benz vehicles
– 38,000 km driven by the organising team’s vehicles
– 122 tonnes of rider luggage
– Items of clothing with Gore Tex technical fabric
– Gore Bike Wear leader’s jerseys
– 35,000 waypoints loaded into the Compe GPS Two Nav GPS system

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Until today, extreme heat and torrential rain were responsible for some of the most epic stages from the first editions of Transpyr. That said, the stage linking Jaca and Burguete-Roncesvalles exceeded such mythical levels due to the abundance of mud, fog and water that the riders encountered throughout the route. The heavy rain from the past few days rendered most of the paths and downhill trails the racers had to negotiate virtually impassable, to the extent that this morning race management weighed the possibility of suspending the stage. In the end, riders were diverted around the first eight kilometres from the start in Jaca, eventually regaining the original route. Here began the odyssey through mud, rushing water and rain, which the riders were forced to contend with all the way to Burguete-Roncesvalles. Oriol Colomé and Wolfgang Krenn (Bicis Esteve) overcame their disappointing earlier stages and reached the finish 12 minutes ahead of leaders Israel Núñez and Roberto Bou and Team Probike’s David Mateu and Pau Botella. They were followed by Belgium’s Lieven and Jeroen Schroyen, who are intent on defending third place with tooth and nail.

Transpyr finishes tomorrow in Hondarribia, following a 98-kilometre stage that begins in Roncesvalles at almost 1,000 metres above sea level and reaches the Bay of Biscay seven days after departing Roses, with Núñez and Bou (Team Massi/Tomás Domingo) as victors.

The Mercedes Benz vehicles are our most precious help while running Transpyr 2013. Its reliability, security and robustness allow us to be quiet in such a strategic aspect as material transport in rural areas, with roads and complicated profiles with time just to make the transfers.