E-TRANSPYR C2C (e-bike)

E-TRANSPYR C2C (e-bike)

Do you want to be a pioneer by crossing the Pyrenees with an e-bike?

Transpyr Coast to Coast offers you this option with the E-TRANSPYR C2C, participating individually.

If you need some extra information you can contact us at: registro@transpyr.com

You can register until the CONFIRMATION PENDIENT 

E-TRANSPYR C2C regulation

The E-Transpyr is done fulfilling the same regulations that Transpyr Coast to Coast, with the following differences:

1. Type of bicycle: The electric bicycles that can participate in E-Transpyr must meet the following requirements:

  1. Only those that provide electric help when pedaling will be considered e-bike. It is not allowed the installation of mechanisms that run the engine without movement of the bottom bracket by the cyclist. All e-bikes that do not respect these premises will be considered mopeds for all purposes and cannot participate.
  2. Maximum speed assisted: 25km / h. From this speed, the electric aid is switched off. The walking aid button allows the engine to be driven at a maximum speed of 6km / h, but mechanical or electrical mechanisms are not allowed to cancel the engine at 25km / h.
  3. Maximum motor power: 250W.
  4. Participants in the E-Transpyr may be required to undergo technical checks prior to departure and upon arrival. The organization might also perform surprise checks on the course.

2. Charging: The organization guarantees a point of charge of batteries in the second feed zone. To do this, the organization will transport the charge cables or the spare batteries of the participants. This material should arrive at the latest at 7:00 am, at the start race office. It is not the organization’s job to charge participants spare batteries.

3. Departure time: Participants at the E-Transpyr  may take the start as group before or after the participants with normal bicycles. The organisation will inform about it in the briefings.

4. Finisher recognition: Participants at the E-Transpyr will not have the same Finisher recognition as participants in Transpyr Coast to Coast, although they will receive a memory of participation.