Stage 3: La Seu d’Urgell > El Pont de Suert

Stage 3: La Seu d’Urgell > El Pont de Suert


It is probably, together with stage 4 , the king of TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB by TRESSIS A LA PAR stages 2019…to be confirmed by you!

With a big amount of elevation and totalizing still quite a long distance, this is however a beautiful stage where we progress following forest tracks and small trails through unknown areas of the Pyrenees.. After a transition ride on asphalt quiet roads, you will have to face a though, open climb, rewarded however by an outstanding 360 degrees view once above the ridge, at 1900 metres height. . The beginning of the descent is potentially very dangerous since it is very fast, steep, and partially rocky with some rain water drains that crosses the trail. You will have to keep extremely concentrated and fully attentive to your riding because the carried speed can be very high and you have to keep a complete control of your bike and your riding at every moment; therefore, the only one solution to give a look to your GPS, is to reduce very much your speed for at least one moment.
Once reached the abandoned village of Sant Sebastià de Buseu, located on a smart hill, you continue your descent to Gerri de la Sal following a nice combination of forest trails and twisty premium singletracks.

Altogether, it is one of the longest descents of all stages, if not the longest, and it requires the same amount of concentration, strength and riding ability. That is why we are sure you will appreciate the very nice location of the food station where to have a deserved rest.
A second short but almost “on the limit” steep trail leads you up to the highly photogenic natural lake of Montcortès, from where it follows a short but nice downhill to Senterada, where the third and last food location is located.

To complete this third stage, it will still be necessary to overcome a third and quite long ascent, beginning on asphalt quiet roads and continued on wide forest tracks, which does not represent a technical challenge but at that point of the day it truly is a though test! In the last part of the itinerary, you just leave yourself down the road to el Pont de Suert.



3.1          Buseu, 16 km ; 550 + ; 1200 –

Although it is not usual, in this occasion the timed sector features much more descent than elevation. The sector begins several kilometres after the first food station in Castellàs. It consists of a ascent first on a small road, followed by a forest tracks partly inside the forest and partly on open spaces- plus the long descent until the second food station as explained in the general description. As the descent is very fast, mind that some deviations from the main trail to take a singletrail might not be evident to be seen. Therefore it is paramount to combine fully attention to the terrain but to your GPS as well: please keep completely concentrated all the way down and from time to time give arms and hands a chance to recover the strength!


3.2          Colldeberri, 14 km ; 450 + ; 200 –

It starts after about 4 kilometres from the third and last food station located in Senterada and it consists of an affordable climb on good forest track until the pass called Colldeberri, at almost 1400 metres height, and from which the trail leads down until the end of the sector with very low technical challenge, but where high speeds could be reached thus high concentration and keeping on your right side of the trail is advisable..



(consider them as approximated)

Stage distance:  107 km
Timed Sectors: 30 km
Liaisons: 77 km
Stage elevation: 3200 m
Stage descent:  3050 m



Just take it easy and enjoy the surrounding landscapes to try to move forward on the long ascents.

Strong concentration and skills are paramount at the descents, especially at the first and very long one of the day, potentially very dangerous because of the carried speed on the forest tracks: keep completely focussed on the riding and reduce drastically your speed if a look to your GPS is necessary.

You will be at times riding in open meadows terrain and also on singletrack: it is capital that you stay on the trail at all times, since we all could face environmental liabilities otherwise!

Some wires and fences may be found settled on place to control the animals on their pastures. Always leave them as encountered.

The very last part on a fast descending tarmac road requires attention as there might be traffic, it is fast and there are some tunnels, when fatigue plays an important role in terms of reaction capacity.