Stage 5: Aínsa > Jaca

Stage 5: Aínsa > Jaca


Starting at the outstanding location of old town Ainsa , the fifth stage begins gently along the river Ara combining gravel tracks and asphalt short connections, until you have to enter and ride on a big, important road for about 8 kilometres, which has some long tunnels (lights and reflective materials compulsory!) and where you will be able to enjoy amazing and very nice landscapes.

Once you covered these 8 km on the road, the track crosses to the other side by the spectacular wooden bridge that links with the deserted village of Jánovas, and follows among fields and small nice trails, covering little elevation until it reaches Fiscal, around PK 30 and where the first food station is located. From that village, it begins the only long and demanding climb of the stage, which leads you up to Peña Oturia, most of the time following forest tracks partially inside the forest and partially on open spaces, and where traditionally the views are amazing. A small food station will be located on the top of the climb, and you will then do a very nice descent on partially difficult singletrail; there is not huge speed, but in some particular spots you may feel as better get off the bike. It is important to always keep an eye ahead of you to be able to discover these obstacles rapidly. The trail gets easier as you go down, and finally gets out of the forest to continue on open, and thus clearly more hot terrain.

Following small paths and trails you will be driven to the third and last food station of the stage, a very nice place to have a deserved rest.

The last part of the stage is a combination of linking roads and affordable, mostly fluent small trails, to finish with a last short gain of elevation, and a smart singletrack before reaching our host town, Jaca.



Oturia, 26 km ; 950 + ; 800 – 

It begins with a demanding very steep section on rolling terrain, followed by a short break down the valley, where small branches from cut trees can be found on the trail. You are warned to carefully pass by. Afterwards the ascent continues and although some fallen trees might be encountered, it is not a problem in terms of riding because of the low speed at that moment. Once reaching the end of the climb, the landscape opens wide and if the weather conditions helps, nice views can be enjoyed. The dohwnhill, as explained in the general description, has some technically engaging passes but, mostly, can be ridden.



(consider them as approximated)

Stage distance: 92 km
Timed Sectors: 26 km
Liaisons: 66 km
Stage elevation: 2200 m
Stage descent: 1950 m



Although traditionally considered the most affordable stage in TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB by TRESSIS A LA PAR, it still is a long distance itinerary with quite elevation to be covered. And, in the event of rain or recent rain, the mid sector in Peña Oturia can be very complicated to go through because of the mud, turning the stage into a serious test. However, in the expected good weather, it is true that the type of terrain allows getting into the finish earlier than in previous days, being therefore possible –and very advisable- for you to take advantage to recover in Jaca, a town where it is possible to get services, facilities and solve any kind of encountered problem, while getting ready for the coming “marathon” of next day’s stage 6, and the stress of the final 7th stage.

Please follow at all time the marshals instructions. Some will be seen on the start of the stage in still further on the first part of the stage. They help you find the way and to stay safe on the starting traffic in Ainsa and on the following roads.

Mind that there are some tunnels in the 8 km on the road at the beginning of the stage: equipping lights and reflective materials on the bike is compulsory in the Spanish code of the route: the police can stop and fine you otherwise!!

Do not forget to carry plenty of water and eat something in the first food station, even if you feel like you did not waste energy until that point.
Some wires and fences may be found settled on place to control the animals on their pastures. Always leave them as encountered.
As well , you will at times riding in open meadows terrain and also on singletrack: it is capital that you stay on the trail at all times, since we all could face environmental liabilities otherwise!

Mind that, only in this stage, the midday food (rice or pasta etc.) normally found on the second station, will be served at the third one!