What Level of fitness I need for Transpyr?

TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB is aimed at mountain bike enthusiasts and experts. You need to be able to ride for 7 consecutive days and maintain an average speed of 10km/ hr or greater on the hardest stage (120km with 3500m of climbing). You will need to train and prepare yourself for the event but if you arrive in reasonable physical shape you should be able to successfully tackle the challenge.

What about the required technical skills?

The route generally follows small roads and paths. However, on occasion, like in the longest stages or when there is no alternative, quiet local roads will be used. The route has been designed to flow. There are some moderately technical sections within the route occasionally unless cycling trails, but these are mostly fun.

Can I ride Transpyr individually?

TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB is a team event. This is its philosophy, its essence, and also an important factor in terms of security.

Last TRANSPYR edition and as an answer to some riders demand who got problems to find a partner, we opened the individual modality, although we insist in the importance of riding allways in group and never alone. The participants who want to register in this modality will have to be equipped –due to safety reasons- with a geo localization device (that will be provided by the organisation) that will have to be enabled every moment of the route, and will have to pay extra for it.

For the individual participation there will be time registering but no podium or cathegories.


TRANSPYR EAST and WEST are designed for those who have no time for the entire event or those who do not know whether they can hold seven days. We have opened individual enrolment to TRANSPYR EAST and WEST, but always recommending riding in groups.

On the other hand, to find a partner to create a team is easier than it seems. We have a list of individuals looking for a buddy to ride the whole event.

Can I get to Saint-Jean-de-Luz the starting day?

It is not possible: participants accreditation and the briefing will be held on the evening before because the first stage must start early in the morning of the next day. If you cannot arrive on time please contact the organization.

Age limit?

All participants must be over 18.

Do I need cycling license?

To participate in Transpyr 2020 it is not compulsory to be in possession of an  official cycling licence. This year the compulsory cycling insurance for accident and liability is included in the participant pack. Anyway it is highly recommended to book an extra travel insurance to cover the eventually problems not covered by the insurance included on the participant pack.

What should I do with my private luggage once in Saint-Jean-de-Luz?

You can organize your things at home and when you get to Saint-Jean-de-Luz, you move them from your private case to the participant bag given by the organization, transported every day while you are riding and delivered where you are lodged (following the Transpyr bag regulations that you will receive once you are registered).


And, what do you do with all your belongings, once empty? Different solutions:

  • If you have some relatives there you can leave it with them.
  • If you park your car in the first stage, you can leave it in the car.
  • If you came by plane or train and want to have it at your return from the last stage, you can leave it, the first day with the organization, we will transport it there and will be at the finish area when you arrive at the very end of Transpyr.
    In this latter option, the case will stay in the bigining until the penultimate day when transported for you to have the day of arrival. If for any reason a participant must leave the event halfway it will have to go find his suitcase at the begining.

TRANSPYR bag measures are around 80 cm long x 35 cm height x 35 cm wide (that may still change) and the maximum weight is 20 kg for bag.

Can we ride in a small group?

Sure!! Entry for Transpyr Gran Raid Coast to Coast (seven stages) event is either as individual or team of two. In case of participating as a team, we consider indispensable minimum knowledge and having the chance to ride together on several occasions before facing TRANSPYR, to ensure that you can share an adventure so demanding, physically and psychologically. Keep in mind that once it started the test, the organization will not allow changes in team members. In caste that due toreasons of force majeure (basically drop by accident, injury, fatigue or damage) one team member has to leave, the members of the team that continue riding will be placed in the individual category.

If we participate in a team, and stay together, what is the sense of forcing to wear a GPS device for each participant?

The reasons for considering the GPS device required for each participant are following: one can break the GPS in a fall, it can simply stop working or run out of batteries, the team may be separated by an important reason, a team member may get confused momentarily without GPS and take a wrong turn. In addition, the organization wants to verify the path tracking individually, as the distinction of FINISHER is individual.

I'm worried that I may not be capable to follow the route?

The route will be followed by means of a GPS. Following a route by using a GPS is fairly straightforward. There will be plenty of time to become familiar with the system being used before the event. Help will be available from our media partners, our website and the event crew. Of course, you must be sure that the device chosen is suitable for mountain biking (can be mounted on the handlebar and display good), has enough memory to record over a distance of 100 km with 50 meter records, and has a range of more than 12 hours (and carry spare batteries).

Will there be mechanical support and spares avaible on the event?

In an event like TRANSPYR it is recognized that even being careful, mechanical problems can arise. However due to the nature of the course it is not possible to offer mechanical support and spare parts along the route. Participants should therefore be prepared to deal with the most likely problems that they may encounter.

To help participants keep their bikes running smoothly we will be providing bike cleaning stations as well as a small self-repair space at the end of each stage and participants can book a Mechanical Service as well. The location of these will be advised to participants.

Where do the bikes stay in the satge towns?

During the night and at every stage point, the organization shall provide a bike park for participants with a limited schedule previously known by participants. This will be in a confined space and watched over night.

However, the responsibility of the organization is limited to making available this space and the visual security. Participants may prefer to arrange to take their bike to their respective accommodation whenever possible.

What happens if is can not find accommodation at the stage town?

The tourist offices should be able to help you find accommodation. Please do not leave the booking of your accommodation to the last minute.

Is it possible for friends or relatives to follow the race? What about accommodtion?

Your friends and family will be able to join the different activities: start and end, briefing, pasta party,… For this purpose we have created the SUPPORTER PACK.

The Supporter pack is designed to make easier and funnier to your people to share this great adventure with you.

This pack includes: accreditation as a supporter, tourist guide (so that they can discover the territory while you are riding), tickets for the Pasta Party, Parking in reserved zones in some stages, other accessories.

If your supporters want to come only a few days they have the option to get the tickets for the Pasta Party. They will get an accreditation and they will be allowed to assist to the briefing without problems.

The Supporter pack will be available for booking as an optional service through the registering website in your private area. It will also be possible to acquire it in the RACE OFFICE at the accreditation or any time during the event.


What weather can we expect?

TRANSPYR is being held on June to maximize daylight and the chances of good weather. However, the climate change from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic slope and the altitude reached at certain points of the course (maximum around 2000 m) must be taken into account, besides the sudden changes of weather conditions, very frequent in mountainous terrain.

As participant’s bags are transported between stages by the organizers it is possible to choose clothing for all conditions and make adjustments for each stage depending upon local weather conditions.