When only six weeks are missing for the start of this unbeatable mountain bike adventure, with terrain recces almost finished and having pushed and focussed all year long to try to improve, today we are happy to announce that TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB will be stronger than ever.

Displaying its pioneer and successful raid format combining liaisons with special stages, TRANSPYR 2017 will be a unique stage race open to the participation of individuals riders, teams, E-bikes and relays, where competition –with it categories, podiums and standings- is for safety reasons reserved to two riders teams.

In this edition we deepen into the strengths of this, our format, settling most of the food stations on liaisons, trying that every special stage is a sample of the type of terrain of the stage, and doing some adjustments on final liaisons so that, globally, achieving being FINISHER at TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB becomes reality for an immense majority of those heroes who on June 11 will have started in Roses at the Costa Brava.


TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB offers something so unique as it is the unbeatable cheer of doing something full sense, the illusion of a journey where you progress under every wheel tour of your bicycle and stage by stage in pursuit of a specific mission, linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean, something which it is only experienced in great crossings.

Soon, in few days, when back from the last reconnaisances on terrain, our team together with the Transpyr director will unveil the precise data and the hidden secrets of the route of what will be the eight edition of this extraordinary challenge.