GRAN RAID MTB – The format

GRAN RAID MTB – The format

TRANSPYR the graduate in mountain bike

TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB, is designed to offer a great personal challenge and provide one of the best mountain bike adventures available. The route will immerse riders in the scenery and cultures of the Pyrenees, from the southern slopes of the Pyrenees, crossing and merging Catalonia Pyrenees, Aragón, Navarra and Euskadi. An authentic Graduated in Mountain Bike to meet at least once in your life.

2019 will mark the tenth edition of this event that is already consolidated in the international mountain bike stage races scene.


Philosophy and values

With around 800 km and nearly 20.000 meters of ascent it possesses a unique identity which after fifth editions emerges as one of the most attractive worldwide. Transpyr is a demanding challenge where ending as a FINISHER it is already a great success for the participants, being considered as GRADUATES IN MOUNTAIN BIKE.


Course open to motorized traffic and the general public

Participants are subject at all times to the Highway Code as the official route is open to motorized traffic.

They must also respect any particular regulatory spaces and places visited: it may coincide with pedestrians, other cyclists or riders, and found livestock and animals, being of the utmost importance at all times respecting the rights of priority.

In this format, the participant is responsible for compliance with any authority on this point and not respecting them directly may result in disqualification from the organization.


Technical data and difficulty

TRANSPYR GRAN RAID 2019 consists of 7 stages totalizing around 800 km and above 20.000 m of elevation ascent, representing a daily average of over 110 km and about 2,600 m of climbing.

Two other short and possible events are also available: EAST – the first three stages- or WEST-the remaining four stages-.

The difficulty level of the three events GRAN RAID, EAST and WEST- can be classified as very high: it is aimed at riders with a very high physical and mental preparation, capable to link up to 7 stages with these characteristics, at an average overall speed rate of not less than 10 km per hour and above all, through ways including all kinds of trails and roads at times of low or no cyclability where where you should move on foot, push or carry the bike.

Every participant should have a medical certificate like the one in PARTICIPANT AREA



Team or individual participation

Historically TRANSPYR GRAN RAID has been  a team event. This is his philosophy, its essence, and also an important factor in terms of security.

Although it is always highly recommended to ride in team, and responding to the riders demand, the organisation opened in 2016 the individual category for participation. Bikers who choose this option, for security reasons, must be equipped with a geolocation device that the organization will provide them and which must be turned on all the way.

TRANSPYR EAST and WEST are designed for those who have no time for the entire event or those who do not know whether they can hold seven days. We have opened individual enrolment to TRANSPYR EAST and WEST, but again recommending always to ride in groups.


Tracking the route

To track the route you will be conducted using GPS technology, which has proved very reliable and effective and avoids placing signs in the natural environment. Only at points of potential danger or problem the organization may decide to place  signs of support.




The organization provides food stations with solid and liquid food along and at the end of each stage of TRANSPYR. However, given the challenging terrain in some sections, it is recommended to take some kind of supplement and/or energy bars for reinforcement, as well as starting the stage with at least one liter of liquid (water or energy drink).

Additionally the organization offers to the participants an evening meal of pasta (carbohydrates), coinciding with the briefing.


Medical service

A complete rescue service is present along TRANSPYR. Its mission is to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to those injured DURING THE COURSE OF THE STAGE. When the daily stage is finished, the participant that needs health assistance will be lead to the public or private local health assistance. Each participant is obliged to have a cycling license that will cover medical costs related to accidents during each stage. For other medical costs (illness, etc) we suggest booking a personal insurance.



Personal Luggage

Bag transport from stage to stage is included in the registration. The organization only carries the bag given during registration, to their accommodation -limited to the urban core of the stage town-. Weight is limited to 20 kg.




Accommodation is not included in the registration. Participants and supporters choose the type of accommodation they wish to use during the celebration of TRANSPYR either dormitory -called Transpyr Camp- the hotels suggested by the organization -called Pack-Hotel-, or other individualized accommodation option.

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