Philosophy and Values

Created by cyclists for cyclists, TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB crosses the Pyrenees from coast to coast to enjoy its paths and trails, with the utmost respect for its landscapes and cultures, what it means a demanding challenge where becoming FINISHER is already a great success , being able to be considered as a MOUNTAIN BIKE GRADUATE.

With about 750 km of travel and approximately 18,000 meters of accumulated elevation in 7 stages, TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB has a unique identity among the mountain bike stage races being recognized as one of the most attractive in the world.


Technical data and difficulty


TRANSPYR GRAN RAID consists of 7 stages totalizing around 750 km and above 18.000 m of elevation, representing a daily average of over 105 km and about 2.500 m of elevation.

Two other short and possible events are also available: EAST – for the first stages- or WEST-for the remaining stages-.

As well, the participation with Ebike is allowed by the organization with the E-TRANSPYR C2C, and even in a relay format with the TRANSPYR C2C RELAY.

The difficulty level of any modality can be classified as very high: it is aimed at riders with a high physical and mental preparation, capable to meet an average overall speed rate of not less than 10 km per hour following all kind of roads, paths and trails.

Every participant should have a medical certificate as like the one shown in the PARTICIPANT AREA.


Team or individual participation

TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB, in its different options, is a adventure-race aimed to teams of two cyclists. This is its philosophy, part of its essence and, in addition, an important safety factor.

You can also participate individually, but equipped with a geo-location device that the organization will provide and that must be activated throughout the journey. And nevertheless,  it is strongly recommended to always circulate accompanied.


Tracking the route

To track the route you will be conducted using GPS technology, which has proved very reliable and effective and avoids placing signs in the natural environment. Only at points of potential danger or tracking difficulty the organization may decide to place some signs of support.



The organization provides food stations with solid and liquid food along and at the end of each stage of TRANSPYR. However, given the challenging terrain in some sections, it is recommended to take some kind of supplement and/or energy bars for reinforcement, as well as starting the stage with at least one liter of liquid (water or energy drink).

Additionally the organization offers to the participants an evening meal of pasta (carbohydrates), coinciding with the briefing.


Insurance and Medical service

A complete medical and rescue service is present along TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB. Its mission is to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to those injured DURING THE COURSE OF THE STAGE. When the daily stage is finished, the participant that needs health assistance will be lead to the public or private local health assistance.

To take part in an event like TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB it is compulsory to be covered in the matter of accidents and civil liability as established by the laws in force (compulsory sports insurance).
The organization may provide this coverage within the participant pack (included in the registration fee).
However, each participant is free to contract and use any other insurance.


Personal Luggage

Bag transport from stage to stage is included in the registration. The organization only carries the bag given during registration, to their accommodation -limited to the urban core of the stage town-. Weight is limited to 20 kg.

The transport of the luggage bag between departure and arrival accommodation of each stage is included in the registration fee. However, the organization will only transport the bag that is delivered in the accreditation (Transpyr Suitcase), and from / to the reception of the accommodation of each participant, although being limited to the urban nucleus of the stage arrival town. The bag cannot under any circumstances weigh more than 20 kg.



The accommodation is not included in the registration fee. Participants and supporters choose the type of accommodation they wish to use, either the hotels suggested by the organization -called Pack-Hotel-, or any other kind available. More information regarding the accommodation possibilities may be found at the section  ENTRIES  of this website.