The stage towns of Transpyr 2019 will be the same as in 2018. The official track is still under construction. Later you can find in this section the technical details of each stage.

Meanwhile, as an orientation, you can consult the profiles and descriptions of the 2018 stages. Although there will be some change, this will not be significant.


TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB 2019 is run under a raid format, which combines linking sectors -which may be as well called liaisons – with timed sectors. This format allows allocating competition motivations in safe environments with the pleasure of discovering the awesome Pyrenees.

To be honest, and as you can easily realize watching the profiles, there is no easy stage in TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB. We would beg you that, if you are focussing on being Finisher, you better consider competition as a secondary thing. Completing safely the seven stages is already an outstanding performance and something that everybody must be very proud of.

This is not an ordinary race where pure speed is the key. This is a high endurance challenge seasoned with competition. Therefore speeding down the trails and forest tracks may save you some seconds, but you can easily lose your options to be a Finisher or even much worse.

Riding with care, getting to the finish line every day, eating and drinking accurately and having the appropriate rest will sure pay, whereas the opposite will very likely lead to defeat.

It is important to know that the description of every stage below is done considering each stage independently from the following. The appreciation of the difficulty of the stages in an event of this nature can be influenced by the accumulated stress and fatigue that your body is enduring, having the tendency to find the later stages tougher than they may actually be.

Before you go forward into the stage description, mind that the organization may have to do changes on them in case of bad weather conditions or other key factors.

Note: the exact details of the route for 2019 will be communicated once the route for this edition is definitively defined.

Very important: the organization is not responsible for the follow-up of the route outside the scope of the TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB  event.


STAGES TRANSPYR 2018, (provisional reference data for 2019):

Stage Distance (km) Elevation approx (m) Descent approx (m)
1 Roses -Camprodon 116 2200 1200
2 Camprodon – La Seu d’Urgell 118 2700 3000
3 La Seu d’Urgell – El Pont de Suert 115 3200 3050
4 El Pont de Suert – Aínsa 98 2900 3200
5 Aínsa – Jaca 98 2200 1950
6 Jaca – Buguete / Auritz 132 2600 2500
7 Burguete/Auritz – Hondarribia 92 2100 3000
total: 769 17900 17900


Stage 1: Roses > Camprodon

Stage 2: Camprodon > La Seu d’Urgell

Stage 2:  La Seu d’Urgell > El Pont de Suert

Stage 4: El Pont de Suert > Aínsa

Stage 5:  Aínsa > Jaca

Stage 6:  Jaca > Burguete-Auritz

Stage 7:  Burguete-Auritz > Hondarribia