Particular regulations Transpyr Gran Raid MTB (Pending publication 2020)

Particular regulations Transpyr Gran Raid MTB (Pending publication 2020)



The Particular Regulation of Transpyr Gran Raid MTB 2019, has only had some changes from that from 2018. Below we detail the ANNEX to concrete the changes. The  Particular Regulation of Transpyr Gran Raid MTB 2018  is available  HERE.


  1. Complement Point 47:

Daily and overall rankings, as well as podium ceremonies and other recognitions are reserved for teams of two riders in the Coast to Coast modality (completing all seven stages), where the following categories will be considered: men, women, mixed and masters (combined rider’s age above 80 years)



  1. Process of departure of each stage:

Taking into account the raid format of TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB, in those occasions where the start leads into a liaison sector, where the riders goes forward complying with the rules of circulation, the participants will be given way by the procedure of staggered outputs, ie , by groups. The composition of each group -which plate numbers enter each group-, the number of cyclists who will compose it, and the interval between each group, will be decided by the organization for each stage in particular and will be communicated the day before.



  1. Process of departure of the timed sectors:

In the timed sectors the participants will proceed through the exit as they arrive, but always from stationary and with at least one foot touching the ground, in accordance with the time keepers instructions. Those participants not meeting this requirement will not have their recorded time invested in the sector in question.



  1. Detour of the track by the organization

In the event that circumstances arise in which the organization deems it necessary to vary the

initially planned route, it will formally communicate the new route, which as such this will become official for that segment/part of the stage’s journey.

Also, in certain circumstances, the organization may deem it necessary to deviate one or more participants from the planned route; in judging that there is no advantage gained for doing so, they will retain their option to become finishers of TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB.



  1. Compulsory Material adjustment:

Beverage: Irrespective of the beverage transport system, each participant is required to commence each stage and depart from each food station, with at least half a litre of beverage. In circumstances, such as very hot conditions, the organization will be able to upgrade this requirement to one litre of beverage, providing sufficient notice of this measure.

Consult the penalty chart for the consequences of the faults relating to the compulsory material.