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Would you like to ride from coast to coast through the Pyrenees with your friends but don’t have enough time to train?

Transpyr Coast to Coast offers you the chance to discover this unforgettable adventure in a more relaxed way with TRANSPYR C2C RELAY; the Transpyr relay format. So you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Pyrenees and share this extraordinary mission with your group.

TRANSPYR C2C RELAY is designed to participate in a group of two riders (Transpyr Relay C2C 1X1).



Dates: 14 – 20 June


RELAY  (1X1) – two riders team (Includes Geolocator)

How does it work:

– Teams must be of 2 cyclists with a relay in the middle of each of the stages of TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST.

– The teams can decide at each stage who start in the first relay and who in the second. And they must inform Race Office – the organization office – every morning before the start.

-The participants in the 1×1 modality (teams of 2 cyclists, relay in solo) are required to carry a geolocator provided by the organization.

Only one change will be allowed during the stage and this will be done exclusively in the second food station, which is located approximately in the middle of the stage. When performing the relay, the incoming participants must carry the GPS of the outgoing participants to ensure that the organization can verify the route. In case of participating in Transpyr Relay C2C 1X1 modality they will also have to transfer the geolocator device in order to allow the organisation to monitor the position for safety reasons.


– Teams participating in the TRANSPYR C2C RELAY  will not be eligible with TRANSPYR FINISHER.

– Each team is responsible for organizing the logistics of the relays themselves. The organization does not supply the transport to the place of the relay or the subsequent transfer until the end of stage. It is a modality that fits very well with the use of a motor home type vehicle.

– Those riders registered in this modality will also be subject to the general regulations of Transpyr such as the Transpyr registration rules, as well as the particular regulations of Transpyr Gran Raid 2020 availabe in this website.

Registration must be done via the official registration page of TRANSPYR: HERE (Transpyr Relay C2C 1X1).

For more information, you can write us at: